About Me!

Hi there!

I’m Bhavya, the sole writer of this Blog Spot MISSIVES FROM A FLAPPER . I am a self proclaimed Blogger, woman in her early 20s, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a Flapper who wishes to set free herself from the accepted norms of society that are hindrances on her way towards clarity . 

I’m an admirer of aesthetic objects, especially when they are nature inspired. I have a proclivity towards hand crafted textiles, jewellery & artefacts which carry an essence of India. I suffer from a very uncommon tendency called ‘Papyrophilia’ and that explains my lust for recycled papers & stationery products.

I’m a nature lover and an ardent Gardener. If I ever go missing, you can definitely find me sitting under the shadow of a bushy tree or sleeping on the bed of shredded flowers in my garden. Gardening is actually more than just a hobby for me because it has taught me virtues like patience and has awakened my moral imagination.

I am also a food enthusiast and for the love of food, I can do anything except sharing my food. Like anyone else, I too prefer Mom’s food over anything else but this has not stopped me from showing reverence to other aromatic flavors and exotic food from around the world. I like to share my fine dining experience with people and so I write columns and blogs for Zomato under the pen name peppyEPICUREAN@Zomato.

Above all, I am a dreamer who wants to live with complete mindfulness and sensibility. But, in this world which is full of distractions, we hardly find time to focus towards our passion and so we end up not living the kind of life we dream of living. This realisation is the cornerstone behind developing this Blog Spot so that I can connect with people who share same interests as mine and we together build a small world of like-minded beautiful souls by enlightening each other with the mystical secrets of life and helping each other in following our passion.

View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!