Jhumkas & Pom Pom

My penchant to adore and curate handmade artifacts developed overtime. I could trace the beginning of my liking back to the time when I first saw a handmade earring in an exhibition “Chhattisgarh Haat Bazaar” in a cold day in December. It was a beautiful feather earring with wooden beads. Before I could go and try it on, someone stopped me from behind. Who would stop a 5th grade school girl from trying such a quirky earring? Any guesses?

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A single destination for a million flavors !

I have asked some very picky eaters amongst my friends & acquaintances of Indian origin about their most revered Indian food & flavors . Each had a different answer to give. I was thrilled to notice that they could still savor the flavor of their favorite lip-smacking staples even though they were staying far away from their natives. A Bengali friend told Chingri Macher Malaikari ( prawns smeared in coconut milk) and Aloo Posto( potato fries with poppy seeds) while a Punjabi friend told Sarso ka Saag Aur Makki ki Roti. Was I surprised? Not exactly because I know that every Indian spice is really enticing & gets tangled into the taste buds, that too for a life time. This reminded me that in the wake of the emerging Chinese ,Thai & Continental Restaurants in India, we have actually stopped indulging in some peculiar flavors that could be found only in India! Well, it’s never too late to start. So, I went on an excursion in Chennai  and after foraging enough, look what I found-

One Destination                                          

Three Restaurants

A Million Flavors

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Cactus – Less Prickly on the other side!

People have often asked me about my favorite flower when they happen to know that I’m an avid gardener. Perplexed by the question, I always replied why flowers, why can’t you ask about Cacti or any other Succulent species? All I received after this question were their wincing gestures.

That’s when I understood that the Cacti are the most estranged of all the plant species. Since I have always been an admirer of Cactus because it looks beautiful & requires very little care, I couldn’t digest the fact and started my survey about the superstitious beliefs circling the plant family ‘Cactaceae’ .

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The Beach Club – A Divine Dining at the waterfront!

A plush open Club which offers a magnificent & panoramic view of the Coromandel Coast off the Bay Of Bengal is highly recommended for those who are seeking serenity far away from the city lights! The breathtaking view with uninterrupted sea breeze & soothing music makes the atmosphere simply mesmerizing. The inside of the Club serves to be a decent night spot but to get the best out of this place, I recommend you to dine outside at the patio under the light of the candles & the beautifully handcrafted night lamps by the side of the pool for a complete sea side dining experience.

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Entry into the writing world and the Will to connect!

Photo Credit – Kanchi Sood, Shimla 

What has become of this world and its people? People live under the ambit of illusions and fail to realize their true potential and uniqueness because each one is busy competing with another. This makes them a part of the never ending cycle of disappointment and despair and when they come back to their senses, it’s already too late to start afresh. It’s not that we are not struggling. We are facing discomfort & pressure at a level never witnessed by our previous generation.We gloat over succeeding but are we indeed? What is driving us all is the hope for a better future and that the happiness shall come to us on one fine day with all its colorful hues and beat the dreadful blues in our lives. We sleep and wake up tomorrow to find it was all a bad dream. But unfortunately, it is not a nightmare but reality.

From a person sitting next to me in a public bus to a person sitting across my desk in office, everyone is full of ifs and buts. Everyone is playing the ‘Blame-Game’ but dear reader,if you are one of them, you have to understand that nobody in this world can make you happy until you are happy with yourself! You ought to come out of this trap of complacency and become conscious of one’s interests.

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